Thursday, November 06, 2008


Yesterday I went to the New Market to purchase a couple Salwar Suits. The funny thing about this trip is that two Indian men took me shopping along with another Friend from Austrialia. The men were taking their assignment very seriously. However, I know it must have been a challenging one for them. I don't know many men who would know where to take a woman shopping to buy clothing. They tried one shop and it was closed. The next shop we entered only made men's clothes which was the same for the next shop. While we had been in the car I showed the men a receipt from a store where another Friend purchased a suit earlier in the week. Finally the man escorting us asked for directions to that store. We found it after a little searching. They had several beautiful outfits. I had fun trying them on. One of the outfits I really liked needed to be altered because the sleeves were too tight. They altered it while I was trying on the clothes. One of the suits they needed to sew. It will be ready tomorrow. However, I am wearing one today. I have gotten several compliments. I hopefully will be able to post a photo soon.
Got to go. I have been helping with registration today.

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