Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Last Day at the Triennial

Today we leave the Pastoral Care Center. We have had a full time at the Triennial. One of the highlights of the trip so far for me was our visit with the Phanjar village in the forrest.We had a wonderful time signing and dancing with the tribe. They generously served us a snack. I had a chance to watch them make Chai (which I couldn't drink.) At the end of our visit the village walked us back to our van.
After our visit with the village we went to see some cave drawing. They were really neat.
This afternoon we are moving to a hotel in town where we will stay until Saturday morning when we take a train to Itarsi to attend Mid India Yearly Meeting.
Our time as a full delegation is coming to a close. Richard leaves us this afternoon. Tomorrow we lose Gretchen, Nancy and Phillip. Martha will leave us on Friday. Viv, Beth, Carolyn and I will travel to Itarsi together where we will reconnect with some Friends from the Triennial who will also atttend Mid India Yearly Meeting.

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