Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lapakahi State Historic Park and Waimea

Cloudy day in North Kohala
One of the ways I know that I am getting older is by the amount of time it takes me to recover from physical challenges. Yesterday both Barry and I moved slower than we expected so we did not get out of the room until the afternoon. Our 4 mile hike to the Green Sand Beach used more of our energy than we expected. So we did not have time to go to the falls. Instead we drove to northern Kohala and spent time at the Lapakahi State Historic Park. It is a coastal park that was a remote fishing village 600 years ago. The Lapakahi people eventually left the coast to become farmers who traded their crops for fish. The Park is 262 acres of stone walls, house sites, canoe sheds and fishing shrines.
Sign at entrance of Lapakahi State Historic Park
Historic House

Chair and table made from Palm tree

Stones used for salt making
Barry taking photos

The Well that provided drinking water until late 1800's
The weather like the day before was a mixture of rain and sunshine. We have experienced more rain during the day this year. Last year it mostly rained at night, however, we were here in January then. I wonder if this year is just rainier or it rains more often in March. Barry and I left sunny Waikoloa and drove to cloudy North Kohala. It was raining when we arrived at Lapakahi State Historic Park. However, knowing Hawaiian weather we decided to go ahead on our hike because the sun would be out soon. We were right. We enjoyed our mile hike around the State Park. We were able to see historic houses, an empty well, hollowed-out stones used to make salt from sea water, rock shelter and many other things used by the Lapakahi people.

Frozen Pig Snout
Limu Kohu
After our time at Lapakahi State Historical Park Barry and I drove to Waimea. 2670 ft above sea level, Waimea has rolling hills, large green pastures, cattle, ranches and cooler weather, it can turn from sun to rain very quickly.  Last year we saw a rainbow. Parker Ranch, Hawai'i's biggiest cattle ranch founded in 1847 is located in Waimea. One of the things we like to do in Waimea is go to the supermarket. I always find interesting items. This year it was pig snouts, turkey tails and Limu Kohu. While we were in the supermarket I was looking at items in the Ethnic Food section and Barry was massaging my back. I woman passing the aisle said to Barry that she was next. Needless to say, he was surprised and did not know what to say to her.

Once again we ended our evening in the hot tub. This time we were joined by a couple from California and a gentleman from DC. We exchanged information about different sites. We stayed until after the pool closed. Barry and I did not get back to the room until after 10:30 PM.

I am looking forward to the many adventures we will have in the next few days on the Island!

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