Monday, March 12, 2012

Kauna'oa Bay and Mauna Kea Beach

Yesterday was focused on water and warm temperatures. Our time was focused in South Kohala where it was 81 degrees and sunny. We seem to have a pattern, slow easy days after a very busy one. We spent the morning in the room. When we ventured out we saw wild turkey, goat and mongoose. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of these wild life.
Ground messages

The Hawaiians have a tradition of writing messages in the black-lava fields with white-coral. They have been doing this for decades. I like this tradition. I see it as an art form, one that continually changes. The coral they us is recycled, because it gets used over and over again. As a result messages do not last very long.

Our first view of the Bay and Beach from trail
Next view of the Bay and Beach from trail
Kauna'oa Bay and Mauna Kea Beach
We spent the afternoon at the beach, Kauna'oa Bay and Mauna Kea Beach. It took us a while to find the beach because it was about a quarter mile from where we parked the car and the trail was not well marked in the beginning. The guide said that Kauna'oa Bay and Mauna Kea Beach is "the most visually perfect" because it is crescent-shaped and blanketed in powdery white sand with calm, clear, shallow (under 10 feet) water.The water was wavy, but not too strong. Barry and I had fun bobbing in the ocean in the waves. I love the Hawaiian ocean.

Waves at Kauna'oa Bay and Mauna Kea Beach

As usual we ended our evening in the hot tub. This time I was able to float because we had the tub by ourselves for a while before a family from Wasilla, AK joined us. As I floated I looked up at the sky which was filled with stars for the first time this week. Earlier it has been too cloudy to see the stars, but not tonight! We have only one more night in the hot tub. I am really going to miss the 98-103 degree water!

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