Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Change in Plans!!

Yesterday we spent the morning rearranging our travel plans. After talking with family in Philadelphia we took advantage of USAirways travel advisory, relaxed change fees, and rebooked our flight home from Monday night to Thursday night. Then we needed to find accomodations since the condo we were staying in was expecting us to check out the next day, February 1st. We also had to make arrangements for the rental car.

It was a very windy day which meant that the sky over the mountains were clearer making it easier to see and photograph the mountain ranges. Incase you are wondering, yes there is snow here in Hawaii. I even took a picture of it. Later in the afternoon Barry and I drove to Waimea. On our way there we were treated with seeing two rainbows. We saw the first one as we drove to the town. The second rainbow appeared as we were leaving the town. It was brighter and gave Barry a good laugh because it appeared to end at the Burger King. He said Burger King was definitely someone's gold at the end of the rainbow. Upon our return to the condo we once again went to the pool where both of us got into the spa pool. It was so nice and warm. I floated on my back for a while and looked at the stars. If only I could take the hot pool home with me.

This morning we checked out of Kings Land and drove to Kapa'au to visit Kamehameha's statue. The statue was originally lost at sea and recovered. It was repaired, repainted and place on the Big Island in 1880.

As life would have it we are having a second vacation in a new hotel in a different area, Kailua Kona. We returned the rental car and got one from a different agency. So it was like starting over because we had to return to the airport to exchange cars which meant unpacking the old one and packing the new one. Then we drove to our new home.

Our new hotel is closer to the ocean, but the beach is rocky not sandy. The surfers and buggie boarders like this area. It was nice to watch the sun set over the ocean from our hotel room. I just wish I felt safe getting in the water here. We began walking to a beach that the hotel clerk was better for swimming, but turned back when the liquid sunshine showered down on us.

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