Friday, February 11, 2011

Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting Fundraising Letter

Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
1515 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
January 5, 2011
Dear Friends,
I write for your financial contributions to the Ministry of Vanessa Julye once again. Many of you have given generously in past years, and it is deeply appreciated. Your gifts have helped sustain the work of this ministry and will ensure its continuation. We want you to know that Vanessa's work continues to be fruitful and Spirit-lead, the results tangible and vibrant.
Ten years ago Vanessa Julye received a call to minister with a concern for helping the Religious Society of Friends become a more welcoming community for people of Color. The overall vision of the ministry to which she has been called by the Spirit is to help humanity remember its wholeness.
We celebrated the publication of "Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship; Quakers, African Americans and the Myth of Racial Justice" in 2009. Vanessa and her co-author, Donna McDaniel labored for seven years on this expression of their leadings. The publication of the book has opened new avenues for ministry on racial healing.
This year we are trying to raise $2,000 for Vanessa's ministry so that she can participate in Quakers Uniting in Publications Conference in England this spring where she continues to feel led to share her leadings with fellow Quaker writers. She is also planning on attending FWCC's international conference the following year.
Please be generous with your contributions. Share this letter with your monthly meetings. Her ministry truly speaks to a need in our religious society. While it remains important to celebrate our differences and our common humanity, healing from the hurts of racism and removing the barriers that unrecognized privilege constructs are essential to the wholeness of our beloved Religious Society of Friends. Your prayers, your participation, and your financial contributions are all needed and most welcome.
All contributions should be sent and made out to Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. Please write "Ministry on racism" in the memo section of your check. The Meeting's address is above.
Yours in the Light,
Yoko Koike Barnes
Clerk for Vanessa Julye's Ministry Committee

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