Friday, May 06, 2011

Travel to London

Warren and I travelled to London together. Trish gave us a ride from Woodbrooke with Sarah Hoggatt to the Selly Oak station where we caught a train to New Street. At New Street we said goodbye to Sarah who caught a train to Lancaster and had a couple more trains and buses to catch to get to Swarthmoor Hall, her next home for a couple days. I needed to purchase my train ticket. As I stood in line Harriet, who had caught the bus from Woodbrooke with Beth bounded up to me and gave me a smile and hug. I purchased my ticket and joined Warren. We found the platform and waited for our Virgin train to arrive.

When the train came we boarded with our suitcases. There was a place in the center that had a luggage rack next to a table. We put our bags on it and sat across from each other at the table. We also happened to be in the cafe car. I was impressed to see that they had a gluten free category with an item listed (vegetable soup) on the menu.

Our ride was uneventful. Warren and I talked. I took a few photos of the yellow fields of rapseeds and occasionally watched the young couple behind Warren who were kissing. Then She decided to sit on his lap while they kissed. We were waiting for them to begin ripping each other's clothes off. Fortunately they did not. Eventually we arrived in London, Euston Station.

Warren and I parted at the station and headed for our hotels. I got directions from the information booth at the station. I was surprised when I crossed the street and began looking around that things looked familiar. Of course they did because I was at Friends House. I forgot that Friends House was across the street from Euston Station. It was nice to see a familiar building as I walked by Friends house. After walking on Euston Road for several blocks I came to Mabledon, the street my hotel was on. I turned the corner and there it was.

I registered with the front desk and walked into my small first floor room with ensuite bath. The bathroom was bigger than the one at Woodbrooke, but the shower was smaller. I hung up my clothes, unpacked my toiletries and said hello to my new home for the week. I was happy to see the customary electric hot water kettle. I immediately fixed myself a cup of tea and sat down in the desk chair to relax. QUIP had been good, but very busy. I was tired and happy to have some time to relax. I ate some dried fruit and raw nuts for dinner. Woodbrooke fed us well over the past five days, so something light was a nice change.


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