Friday, January 28, 2011

The Big Island

Hawaii is fabulous! We are staying in Waikoloa. The weather has been 75-80 during the day and 68-69 at night. We have visited three different beaches, Hapuna Beach State Park and Anaeho'omalu. Hapuna had lots of waves for surfing with boards or your body and boogie boarding. I enjoyed body surfing, jumping in big waves and running with the them. It was lots of fun and good exercise. The sand was smooth and biege. Anaeho'omalu (also known as "A" beach) was very different. The water was calmer and deeper. People were snorkeling, surf sailing and paddling. (I had never seen surf paddling before it looked funny. They looked like they were having lots of fun.) I enjoyed swimming and floating in the water. The sand here was mulit-colored and rocky. It is so wonderful to have ocean water that is warm enough for me to get into and enjoy!! Yesterday we visited Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. The water was too rough for us to get in. It was fascinating there. The sand besides being black was also rocky. The sand was black because the land was obviously cooled lava. The shapes, folds and texture were amazing. The beach was brackish, there were several fresh springs bubbling and flowing out of the rock and pools. The water was so blue with several different shades of blue. In addition to all of this were the sea turtles. They were majestic and beautiful as they rested in the sand. I know it must have taken an incredible effort to beach themselves.

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