Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friends General Conference Central Committee

Central Committee 2006!!

Vanessa & Janice Domanik (CMR Clerk)

New FGC Staff members, Naman Hampton and Angelina Conti with Frank Barch (personnel committee member)

Friends General Conference's Central Committee met October 26-29th in New Windsor, Maryland. It was a very good meeting. A lot of work was accomplished. The Committee for Ministry on Racism (CMR) gathered for dinner on Saturday night. We had our formal committee meeting in September in Philadelphia.

The development committee presented FGC's clerk, Marian Beane, a special fusia bonnet for her to wear. It was very popular and comfortable. Marian was very gracious and let many of us try it on.

Interim Program Staff Coordinators: Emily Stewart & Vanessa Julye

Central Committee approved making both the coordinator positions for the Committee for Ministry on Racism and Youth Ministries (YM) permanent positions. The CMR position was increased to a three day a week part time position and the YM position was made full time.

I have been serving as the interim coordinator for CMR over the past year. I have agreed to serve as the long term CMR coordinator.

Pastsy Martin & Traci Hjelt Sullivan relax after Saturday evening Plenary session.

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